Big Foot Platform Weighing cans

Before a module is slipped onto a barge for transport and eventual offshore installation, the module is weighed to verify the module weight. To accomplish the weighing operation, weighing cans underneath the module at the (typically) tubular members are outfitted with jacking lugs under which load cells and massive hydraulic jacks are installed. As the module is lifted away from the support beams, the load cells record the weight of the module.

Big Foot Weighing Cans

Finite element analysis results

Detailed Finite Element Analysis Reconciliation with codes

Although the finite element analysis can reveal much about the stress, strain, and stability of the weighing can, at the end of the day, the engineer needs to relate these results to an appropriate code such as AISC, API, or DNV. The forces and resulting stress in the welds must be compared to industry accepted limits. Structures such as these in which the load path must carry millions of pounds through non-standard connection details are difficult to assess since the relevant codes do not have comparable structures.