Loading Frames DNV RP 2.7-3

Portable offshore units, including transportation frames, often must be certified to codes such as DNV RP 2.7-3. In addition to the structural requirements, the vertical impact test for operational class R45, R60, and R60-SE can be simulated as per Section 3.6.3 to avoid the expense of an actual test.



Specialty hooks Over the head lifting devices

Safety is paramount with over-the-head lifting devices. ASME BTH-1 is typically used as the code to which over-the-head lifting devices are designed.

ISO Corner Quick attach

Analysis used to verify iso corner capacity

ISO Corner

Flat hook

Adjustable hook MIL-Spec

Finite element analysis used to verify specified capacity

Removable load point Capacity verification

Finite element analysis was used to verify the capacity of a removable load attach point. The analysis included contact between the post, bed, attach plate, and hook.

Removable load point

Load binder

Load binder MIL-Spec

Finite element analysis used to verify specified capacity

Design C-Tool Loader

Our client asked us to design a tool to load and unload tall and narrow crates from shipping containers. The design envelope was tightly constrained:

  • The overhead cranes are rated at 10 kips
  • The design payload is 5 kips
  • The tool must be balanced while empty or loaded

The tool was designed to ASME BTH-1 which requires a safety factor of 2 for service class A.