Planter bin Overturning

A manufacturer of an injection molded planter bin wanted to verify the stands on the bin subject to wind loading. The planter bin is intended for use on apartment/condominium balconies for growing vegetables or flowers.

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Planter bin

Simulated drop test of kennel

Pet kennel Simulated drop test

The manufacturer of a pet kennel was concerned that if the kennel (with a pet inside) was dropped, the door would pop off, releasing the pet onto an airport taxiway.

Pet step But if used by the owner?

Some pet owners like their dogs in their bed, but the bed is too tall for the dog to jump onto. So a solution is a step stool place near the bed. Since a possible use case is the owner themselves using the steps, this load case became the structurally defining load case.

Pet step


Roll-on anti-perspirant container Leakage

Our client had designed a radically different container and dispenser for a roll-on anti-perspirant. The concern was that the product would leak during atmospheric pressure variations.