Die cracking How much can it bend?

A realistic load case for a smart-card with an embedded die is bending about both axes. How much can it bend before the probability of die cracking is too high?

Die cracking


Enclosure ventilation What is the required flow rate?

What is the minimum flow rate required to cool a densely packed electronics enclosure?

LED lighting Thermal management

LED lighting is much more efficient than incandescent lighting. An incandescent light may produce more than 95% of the power as heat whereas an LED fixture may only produce 36% or less of it's power as heat. But an LED cannot tolerate high temperatures, the color shifts and the lifetime is severely decreased when the junction temperature gets too high.

Since forced convection is rarely an option, a conjugate heat transfer CFD analysis is necessary to predict the LED junction temperature.

CFD LED fixture


Avionics tray Survivable airborne electronics.

The structure supporting electronics modules in aircraft and spacecraft must be carefully designed to withstand a harsh shock and vibration environment.

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