Ready to eat packaging Strength and stability

When the bowl is also the packaging and cooking container, the loading varies from stacking loads, to high temperature, to stiffness while hot.



Chips Minimize breakage

A snack food manufacturer designed a new chip expressly for the purpose of scooping dip. They were concerned that the chip would mostly break. Using experimentally determined flexural properties of the product, we performed a parametric study on geometry and thickness to determine the Weibull distribution of breakage.

Extruder Strength and fatigue

Many snack products are manufactured by extruding the product while under high pressure and temperature. When the product exits the die, it flash cooks. The pressures are very high and the geometry is not optimal for pressure vessels.

Die extruder


Sheet roller Thickness uniformity

In producing some snack food products, the precursor sheet must be of uniform thickness. Because of the high pressures required to roll the dry dough, controlling the deflection requires careful analysis.